The June meeting with John Douglas from VFA (Vic Fish)

Due to some personal commitments changes to the June speaker will be John Douglas from VFA(Vic Fish) and Terry George from ATF will speak at our July 19th.


John is a Fisheries Manger with the Victorian Fisheries Authority. He has over three decades of experience in fisheries and fisheries management.


This has included native fish aquaculture, conservation of threatened fish, habitat restoration, fisheries assessment and most recently fisheries management.


The constant theme throughout  his career has been making a difference  to recreational fishing.  He has been an author on over 50 publications ranging from peer reviewed scientific journal papers to project reports and he even writes the occasional blog.

John currently manages VFA’s recreational fish stocking program, where he works closely with anglers to maintain and enhance fisheries across the state.

As a keen fly fisher, and living in Alexandra, John has access to numerous local trout fisheries which he fishes regularly.