The July meeting with Terry George from the ATF

Terry is a very capable angler

At the July meeting Terry George will be telling us about the work of the Australian Trout Foundation.

Terry is a VFFA member and has been president of the ATF for some years now. He still runs his own business while at the same time giving hours of his personal free time to the work and projects of the ATF.

He has worked as a part-time fishing guide and knows the trout fishing in the north-east of our state particularly well. He is committed to seeing this north-east fishery, and in fact the trout fishing in all parts of Victoria, flourish and improve.

To give a brief outline of the main topic of his presentation at the July meeting, he says he will be telling us about “Alleviating the Current Threats to our Victorian Trout Fishery.”

The work of the ATF is not all that well The work of the ATF is not all that well publicised, but Terry’s small ATF team have taken on a surprisingly large number of projects and accomplished quite a bit in the past decade. One especially notable recent ATF project was the purchase of a number of Jordon-Scotty Incubators from Canada. These are a very effective way of stocking streams using fertilised ova. Terry has been installing these in streams in the north-east and Gippsland, and with great success.

So come along on July 19th and support one of our own members who is putting in the hours on our behalf to improve our fishing.