The 2018 AGM


Members are reminded that the September meeting will be our AGM. It’s still a few weeks away, but President Mike Jarvis is keen to remind us that all financial members are eligible for nomination and election to the Council. Notice papers relevant to the AGM are included with this newsletter, these being the Nomination Form, the Appointment of Proxy Form, and the meeting agenda.

Council meets regularly, and all the management issues involved in running the Association are dealt with at these meetings, so that our monthly general meetings can be given over totally to the advertised activities – guest speakers, auctions, fly tying demonstrations, ...

So if you have some experience and skills in management and a keen desire to see our Association remain vibrant and responsive to the needs of members, please give some thought to nominating for Council. Meetings are invariably lively and entertaining, and you will enjoy your participation as well as no doubt contributing useful insights and viewpoints for the benefit of our Association.

The date – Thursday, September 20, 8pm at the Kelvin Club.