President’s Message

President’s Message

Welcome to the Victorian Fly Fishers’ Association website. The VFFA was founded in 1932. We have some 250 members all of whom enjoy fly fishing. Some are experts who have been fly fishing since childhood; others are novices who were introduced to the art in recent years. Some are old; some are young. Until recently all were male but now we are delighted to welcome lady fly fishers to join us. We come from all walks of life and enjoy each other’s company at our lunches and dinners, casting days and particularly on our fishing trips.

The VFFA purposes are to:

  • Promote the philosophy and traditions, the ethics and public image, and the art of fly fishing.
  • Protect and propagate trout.
  • Conserve fisheries and enhance trout habitat.
  • Encourage, promote and engage in activities, which may improve or relate to fly fishing.
  • Collect books, publications, artifacts and memorabilia related to fly fishing.
  • Co-operate with any body or person for furtherance of those purposes.
    Promote social intercourse among fly fishers.

We meet most months at the Celtic Club, Melbourne for lunch or dinner at which a guest speaker addresses us on an interesting topic related to fly fishing here or overseas. Guests are welcome. And we are always delighted to recruit new members.

If you are interested about coming to an upcoming meeting please email and we will get back to you.

I can promise that you will meet a friendly lot who will quickly make you welcome.

Tight lines,

Hamish Hughes